Hold That Box

Sometimes you just need someone to talk through an idea.

Technical Overview

Are you hiring someone for a technical role and don't have any existing technical staff to quiz them?

Do your technical people need to bounce ideas off someone to make sure they're heading in the right direction?

We can provide support to your technical staff when you're branching out into new areas.

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Online Strategy

Do you know what social business is?

Do you know what social marketing is?

Do you know the difference?

We can give you a few pointers to help you approach new media with the right philosophy.

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Software Development

We have consultants covering many current technologies. We're passionate about pragmatic solutions to problems.

Sometimes all you need is a script or macro to automate a manual process and free up some time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Sometimes you've got an N-Tier application that's turning into a bit of a mystery.

We can give advice about the best environment and approach to use for the task.

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Application Deployment

Got a new application you want to use across your organisation?

Not sure how to migrate or synchronise data from your existing business processes to the new application?

We can advise you on process and procedure to help you move forward your migration.

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