Hold That Box

Some thoughts we've had.

Dynamic Range

You don't need to know about dynamic range to make HDR images but it's useful to have some understanding of what it is.

Our eyes have a high dynamic range (HDR) largely because we've got a really cool automatic aperture system which we call our iris.

LocalDB, or SQL Server Local DB to give it its full name, is a Microsoft product aimed at developers. It has been designed to act as an embedded database system and to replace SQL Server Express or SQL Server Development edition for most development uses.

LocalDB uses the same API as the full edition of SQL Server, about the only difference you'll notice is in the connection string you use to access it. All the client providers that work with SQL Server editions should also work with LocalDB with no changes to your code.

The world has changed and you likely need to change with it. For the first time since the early 1990s, we've seen a major shift in how people use the internet.

To understand how something has changed you typically need to look at its history.

In 1996 you needed a website to promote your business; the developed world was getting online rapidly by this point. Traditional media were still the primary means of communicating with your customers but having a website opened you up to consumers all over the world and gave you a 24/7 presence for people with questions about your business. The world pretty much stayed like that as various web technologies came and went.

A short while back we started out on the path to running our own business. The first problem was what to call ourselves.

We read numerous company naming articles, we tried various name generators, and we searched domain after domain to find them squatted or used as redirects to other web sites. Then Hold That Box came to mind and the domain was available to boot.

Hold That Box fits our business model well.