Hold That Box

How to contact us.

Quality technical support is a life saver. Send an email to WebSupport@holdthatbox.com and we'll do our best to help you with your technical problems.

If you've never contacted us before, we'll note some information from you about your problem and, if we can help, then we'll call you to create a customer record and take some payment details from you. Our rates will be explained along with our purchase options. We will then assign you a technical support engineer of the appropriate level to deal with your problem.

If we can answer your enquiry in a minute or two we probably won't charge you for it and you'll just get a helpful reply.

Whether you've dealt with us before or you're a new customer wanting to ask us about a quote, then this is the contact to use WebSales@holdthatbox.com.

We offer technical services based on a daily rate. You can purchase days of time and then use that time for any technical service.

Contact our sales team to get a quote.

Our sales and administration team will get back to you concerning any enquiry regarding quotes and invoices.


If you need to send us something through the post or need to send us signed documents then here's the address to send them to.

Hold That Box
The Briar Patch
54, Alphington Road

We're really bad at answering the phone. You can always give it a try here 01392 670 149 and we will always do our best to answer but sometimes it's just not possible with a small team who are busy thinking up and implementing solutions to problems.

Rest assured that we will call you back as soon as we can and we're sorry if it leads to a game of telephone tennis that is a waste of time for everyone. For the most reliable and quickest response send over an email and include your phone number. We'll try everything we can to acknowledge your request as soon as possible.