Hold That Box

Some thoughts we've had.

A short while back we started out on the path to running our own business. The first problem was what to call ourselves.

We read numerous company naming articles, we tried various name generators, and we searched domain after domain to find them squatted or used as redirects to other web sites. Then Hold That Box came to mind and the domain was available to boot.

Hold That Box fits our business model well.

We have a huge amount of experience across a number of industries and technologies. From being a DJ and musician, to building web pages with handwritten HTML 3.2 on an Amiga 1200 in a text editor, to electronic engineering, to computer art and visualisation, to project management from small scale theatre productions to large scale recycling company enterprise projects, to film and digital editing, to photography, to data analysis, to programming, networking, system administration, and deployment in multiple programming languages on multiple environments, to teaching the fundamentals of programming, reporting, analysis, data consumption, privacy, security...

...to playing with solar powered LASERs...

...the list goes on and at some point we need to come up for air.

We needed a generic name that showed our primary business model to be one of we're here to help. If you've got a box and it needs to be looked after and nurtured for a while we're here to do it or find someone reliable to do it on your behalf.

Once we had a name the first real step to promoting ourselves was to get a logo in place. We're not designers (we know a bunch though) but a bit of quick sketching on a post-it note with a ballpoint pen and some messing around in InkScape (we've never used it before) gave us this result.

We're quite happy with it as a design we can use for now and we can take it to an actual designer to convey the ideas we had.

We probably forgot to mention we're also pragmatic. If a job needs to be done, it needs to be done.